Thanks to China’s Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Israelis broke the all-time record of shipments from abroad this month- and November isn’t even over yet. Israel’s Postal Authority expects the trend to continue into December and believes that exports from Israel will also increase as the Christmas holiday approaches.

The Center for Mail Distribution in Modiin

The Center for Mail Distribution in Modiin Photo Credit: Israel’s Postal Authority/ Channel 2 News

The Israel Postal Authority announced that Israeli shoppers broke a new record for orders from abroad this month; by mid-November, 500 tons of parcels have entered Israel, and shipments from China’s Singles Day-expected to arrive in Israel by the end of this week- will raise the numbers even more.

“In anticipation of this Friday’s Black Friday, and next week’s Cyber Monday, we expect the increase of the rate of orders to continue,” said Haim Mazaki, Israel’s Chief Operating Officer. “In light of the increase in the first half of November we updated our prognosis; in the month of November, over 7 million packages are expected to arrive from overseas, as compared to the average of 3.5 million packages in a normal month, and the trend will continue into the month of December.”

But it turns out that Israelis are not only expert shoppers but are also successful sellers; Israel has about 250,000 small and medium-sized businesses that export products through online trading sites such as Ali Express, Ebay and the like. It is estimated that November will see a 20% increase in exports from Israel as the Christian holiday season approaches.