About 80,000 Israelis kicked off the Passover vacation by visiting Israel’s various nature reserves and national parks. At least 2,000 Israelis will be spending the night at camping sites with friends and family.

Watch: Birds flying over northern Israel’s Hula Valley

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Many Israelis spent the day in nature in order to kick off the Passover vacation and maybe even burn off some calories from last night’s Seder. The Israel Nature and Parks Authority reported that most of the national parks were crowded today (Tuesday): about 80,000 Israelis visited the country’s various parks and nature reserves. The most popular sites were the Masada National Park, the Banias Nature Reserve, Caesarea Maritima, Ein Gedi, Ashkelon National Park and the Tel Afek National Park.

About 2,000 people have already set up camp at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s overnight camping sites, which can be found throughout Israel. Tens of thousands of Israelis spent the day at the various JNF parks and forests including the Ramot Naftali Forest in northern Israel and the Ben Shemen Forest in central Israel. Thousands also visited southern Israel’s Ha-Mal’akhim-Shkharya Forest.

Photo Credit: Itzik Ben Dor/Channel 2 News

About 1,500 people visited Agamon Hahula in northern Israel’s Hula Valley today. The management of the site stated that during the Passover holiday, special tours of the botanical garden will be available free of charge. Thousands of Israelis also visited the Sea of Galilee.