A 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coasts of Greece and Turkey Thursday night, left two dead and dozens injured. Among those affected were many Israelis on vacation in Kos, Greece who recounted last night’s dramatic moments.

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The 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Greece and Turkey last night (Thursday), led to the death of two people, dozens of injuries, much damage and panic among locals and tourists, including a number of Israelis.

In a conversation with Channel 2 News Online, a few Israelis described the moments the earth trembled beneath them. “From a deep sleep, we felt the sea rise and hit the yacht hard. We were sure that a large boat collided into us and pushed us away,” said Margalit Keren, who is on holiday in Kos, Greece, with her husband. “Along the platform all the boats were hitting each other. A yacht tied up in front of us ripped its ropes and began to drift away. The water level dropped by half a meter”

Destruction from the 6.7 magnitude earthquake

Destruction from the 6.7 magnitude earthquake Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

“When we realized that this was an earthquake and there was concern for a tsunami, we left the yacht and headed towards the center of the island,” Keren explained. “People exited the hotels and looked for open areas far away from the beach. There were dozens of aftershocks but now everything seems relatively calm. There is quite a bit of damage. The marina, which until yesterday was intact, is now full of cracked and broken asphalt.”

“I opened my eyes during the quake and saw that all the objects in the room were moving,” says Haim, an Israeli who is also in Kos. “I grabbed my wife and daughters and ran outside – only then did we realized the size of the chaos. Till now, we can feel the earth shaking from secondary quakes. There are a lot of Israelis here and everyone wants to go home, yet no one from the embassy has contacted us nor have they updated us so far.”

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As reported earlier by JOL, the quake, felt around 1:30 AM near the Turkish coastal city of Bodrum and the Greek island of Kos caused a small tsunami that hit the beaches in the area where the quake was felt.