American comedian Conan O’Brien is currently in Israel filming an edition of Conan Without Borders. During his trip, he will travel across the country. So far, Israelis have spotted him in Tel Aviv.

In Israel

In Israel Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien traveled to Israel Thursday in order to tape a special Conan Without Borders edition. During his week-long trip, O’Brien will travel across the country. He told his fans in a video message that he would certainly be visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

In the same video, which was posted on Facebook Saturday, the American comedian said that he enjoyed eating shakshuka, a popular breakfast dish in Israel made of poached eggs in tomato sauce. “You have got to get yourself some shakshuka,” O’Brien said from the port of Jaffa. “And get it today.” He also told his fans that “all the men are incredibly buff and all the women are beautiful” in Israel.

Watch: O’Brien talks about his Israel trip

While in Tel Aviv, O’Brien ran into Miki Fromchenko, an Israeli who was on his way to meet a friend for coffee. In a Facebook post, Fromchenko said that he had left his apartment after putting on an old shirt with a hole, thinking that no one would see him aside from his close friend. However, he ended up running into O’Brien, who loved his shirt so much that the two switched shirts.

O’Brien announced his trip to Israel on Twitter about two weeks ago, writing: “Breaking: Conan O’Brien sends Conan O’Brien to Israel to help Jared Kushner. Stay tuned. #ConanIsrael #ConanWithoutBorders.”