The Israeli Cabinet has approved the normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates and will submit it for parliamentary ratification,.

“The cabinet unanimously approved the prime minister’s offer to transfer the peace treaty “The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement: Treaty of Peace, Diplomatic Relations and Full Normalization Between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel” to the Knesset for further approval before its ratification by the government,” an official statement released by the cabinet read on Monday.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he has invited the Abu Dhabi crown prince to Israel and has received a reciprocal invitation to visit the UAE.

On August 13, Israel and the UAE reached a landmark peace agreement, brokered by the US, to normalize ties, which, among other things, stipulates the two countries signing an array of cooperation accords pertaining to investments, tourism, security, and other areas.
The August agreement made the UAE the third Arab country to conclude a full-fledged peace deal with Israel after Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.