According to a report published by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of International Women’s Day, Israeli women are more educated than men, less responsible for car accidents and live longer.


Illustration Photo credit: 123rf/ Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), 2 days before International Women’s Day, the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published data regarding women’s role in Israel as of 2017. The data shows that at the end of 2015, more than 3 million women over the age of 15 lived in Israel and women’s life expectancy was 84.1 compared to men’s 80.1.

A worrying statistic shows that despite women making up 48.3% of the workforce in the market, their monthly salaries are lower than men’s salaries by 31.7%. According to the report, a part of this gap can be explained by the difference in average work hours- 44.9 weekly hours for men compared to 36.7 weekly hours for women. However, even after taking this into consideration, women earn 15.1% less than men. In addition, more than a third of employed females work in traditional female occupations such as nurses, social workers, teachers and secretaries.

Another interesting statistic is in the field of sports. In 2015, the total number of active athletes in Israel stood at 99,009, less than a fifth of whom were female (19.2%). Women make up only 12% of active athletes in team sports.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

However, not all the data is worrying. The report states that matriculation rates are higher among girls than boys. In addition, the rate of females who met university requirements as potential candidates for higher education was 56% in comparison to 46% for males.

Despite stereotypes, the report claims that females were less involved in car accidents than males. In 2016, women made up 41% of those injured in car accidents and 24% of those killed in car accidents. Likewise, they made up only 25% of the drivers involved in car accidents with casualties and only 11% of drivers involved in car accidents with fatalities.