After they completed the pilot program for female tank operators, the 13 IDF soldiers are sharing their stories over social media. One of them wrote that she would never give up this job in the IDF for any amount of money.

IDF tank operators

IDF tank operators Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The 13 female IDF soldiers who completed the pilot tank operator training program are sharing their experience with the public over social media. “So everywhere [people] are talking about us and telling us what we can and what we can’t [do], what is okay to do and what isn’t okay to do, but now it’s my turn to speak,” A., who finished the pilot program, wrote on Facebook. “I would never give up being a tank operator for any amount of money in the world.”

“To be a tank operator is to live with 13 girls who have come from the edges of the country, to hate one another but also to love and care for one another without any limits,” A. added. “To be a tank operator is also to stand united against everyone who doesn’t believe, disrespects, wishes us health because he thinks that we will get hurt or just thinks that a woman doesn’t need to, can’t, isn’t capable of being in a tank.”

Another soldier who finished the pilot program wrote on Facebook: “No one can tell me that I’m too weak. It’s a fact that I had the strength to come and try something new, and in the end, we also proved that we aren’t as weak as [they] think.”