The President of Israel has shortened his trip Canadain trip to come back to Israel to be with his wife Nechama. His wife’s health has deteriorated after recently undergoing a lung transplant procedure.

Rivlin is scheduled to arrive in Israel today and head straight to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva where his wife has been admitted.

The hospital released a statement that Nechama was suffering from “severe shortness of breath with a heart link, and has been placed under sedation and on a respirator, after a sudden deterioration in her condition.”

Nechama, aged 73 suffers from pulmonary fibrosis. It’s a condition that makes her breathing difficult and requires her to carry a portable oxygen tank. Despite the disease, she always accompanies her husband at public events and ceremonies

Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his political rival Benny Gantz took to Twitter to wish her a speedy recovery.

“Together with all the citizens of Israel, we wish a speedy recovery to the President’s wife, Nechama Rivlin,” wrote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

”You are a wonderful person whom we all appreciate and love. Together with all the people of Israel, we wish and pray for your good health,” said PM hopefull Benny Gantz.