Over 110,000 Israelis voted in recent weeks to help select Israel’s greatest invention. The results were revealed on Sunday. Out of 70 options, the Iron Dome system received the highest number of votes.

Celebration in Jerusalem

Celebration in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Iron Dome system has been selected as Israel’s greatest invention. Over 110,000 Israelis participated in the Economy Ministry’s “inventions contest” ahead of Israel’s 70th Independence Day. Waze took second place while drip irrigation came in third, just 12 votes shy of tying with the popular navigation app.

Voters could choose between 70 different Israeli inventions including the Iron Dome system, Waze, drip irrigation, the disk on key, Check Point and Source Sandals.

“Israel has become during its years of existence a world power in everything related to innovation and technical and scientific advancements,” Israeli Economy Minister Eli Cohen said. “The boldness, ideas and inventions, which stem from the state’s existential need from the beginning of its first years to protect and preserve itself with its own strength, have ventured into the entire world and turned Israel into a leading technological hub.”