From Saturday to Tuesday, Israelis can expect an extreme heat wave throughout the country. The Health Ministry has published a series of warnings and recommendations to the general public and to populations at risk in particular: stay in air-conditioned places, drink a lot and often and leave the house clothed in weather-appropriate garb.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Israel’s Health Ministry has issued a warning to the public on Thursday ahead of a heat wave that should last from Saturday to Tuesday. The Ministry has called upon the general public, particularly the elderly and chronically ill, to observe a number of precautions: avoid exposure to heat and the sun when possible, avoid unnecessary physical exertion, drink a lot of water and stay in air-conditioned spaces.

Temperatures have remained higher than average over the past few days and will continue to rise come Saturday. Heavy heat and dryness should be expected in mountainous areas, inland and along the coastal plain.

In addition to the warning, the Health Ministry also published a number of recommendations and tips to best handle the upcoming heat wave: Weather forecasts should be monitored at all times. Along the coastal plain, special attention should be paid not only to the high temperatures but also to heat load calculations, which measure the combined heat and humidity.