Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman Lieberman (IDF Spokesperson)
Former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman Lieberman (IDF Spokesperson)

It looks like the former Israeli Defense Minister looks will take back his post in PM Netanyahu’s new government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has come to terms in principle with Avigdor Lieberman, the president of the political party Israel Beiteinu, reported Israel’s Yedidot Aharonot.

Lieberman had served as head of the defense portfolio in the previous government, before resigning due to the lax attitude the government took before agreeing to a ceasefire with Hamas. According to the report, significant progress has been made in this respect; to not fall in the same trap as before when dealing with Hamas.

Israel Beitenu won 5 seats in this years election, which are important for Netanyahu to have in order to pass the 61 seat Knesset majority.

An issue that is more difficult to balance for Benjamin Netanyahu is the current draft law in Israel, that has been a major issue in the last government.┬áLieberman has been very adamant that┬áthe ultra-orthodox communities be fined if they refuse to send their eligible youth to the army. However, Netanyahu also needs the seats of the religious party’s (United Torah Judaism, Shas and the Union of Right-Wing Parties) who are all in opposition of a stricter draft law.

Whether the IDF draft issue will make or break Lieberman’s decision to join the government is still to be determined. However, signs are pointing to that he will still join, as evidenced by his recent meetings with the IDF Chief of Staff and Shin Bet officials.