Spotted in Portugal on their layover, Israel’s two new F-35A stealth fighter jets are en route to the country, due to arrive in five days’ time. These are the first two of 50 due to arrive by 2021 from the US.

“The Mighty One” is on its way Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Two of Israel’s newly acquired F-35A fighter jets called within Israel “The Mighty One” are on their way. The jets were seen during a layover stop at the Lajes Airfield in Portugal on their journey from the US to Israel.

In five days, the two jets are due to arrive in Israel landing in a celebratory ceremony at Nevatim Air Base. Fifty of these advanced aircraft are due to arrive in Israel by 2021. “This plane shows that the future is already here,” said Israeli Air Force Chief of Staff Brigadier General Tal Kalman.

The project to acquire the most advanced aircraft began a decade ago with the understanding that these jets would be the future and the only of its kind today. As part of the preparations to receive and house the incoming jets the IAF began building new hangers and developed special simulations for pilots and crew to work on.

The IAF considers these jets’ acquisition to be revolutionary, a large upgrade for the air force unlike any other since the first F-15s arrived in Israel 40 years ago. In addition to attacking targets, “The Mighty One” is intended to gather intelligence from across enemy lines, creating a complete circuit in the sky. There are many detectors and sensors on the jet capable of gathering a lot of data from the ground they fly over. These real-time information systems and encrypted stealth capabilities significantly improve the jet’s durability.

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