Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the ammonia tank, located in the Haifa Bay, will be emptied by the end of September. This, following an appeal from Haifa Chemicals.

The ammonia tank

The ammonia tank Photo credit: Channel 2 News

After previously ordering that the ammonia tank, located in the Haifa Bay, should be emptied by July 31st, today (Thursday), the Israeli Supreme Court accepted Haifa Chemicals’ appeal for a delay and determined that the emptying of the tank will be postponed by two months.

“Considering that the public’s benefit and safety are at the top of our priorities,” stated the court. “We will follow the path we have taken so far and approve another and final postponement of the final and absolute emptying of the container until September.”

The court attacked the corporation, which it claimed didn’t advance any procedures to meet the first deadline. The Haifa Municipality welcomed the court’s decision as well as Zalul, one of Israel’s environmental NGOs.