The IDF’s 188th Armored Brigade used the Trophy active-protection system for the first time on Thursday during a drill in northern Israel. The exercise comes amid rising tensions along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon.

Watch: IDF forces in northern Israel (Video Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

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Amid the tensions along Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon, the IDF’s 188th Armored Brigade completed an exercise in the Golan Heights on Thursday. During the drill, Israel’s Trophy active-protection system was used for the first time. The system was recently installed in the brigade’s tanks.

The active-protection system is highly advanced and can intercept and destroy anti-tank missiles. Gal Shocham, the head commander of the 188th Armored Brigade, told the soldiers before the drill: “We are practicing so that we will be prepared for the day we get the order, which could even come tomorrow.”

He added that soldiers in northern Israel need to be prepared for acts of aggression from both Syria and Lebanon, adding that Hezbollah operates in both states. Aside from the soldiers from the brigade, combat engineering, infantry and artillery troops participated in the drill.

IDF tank

IDF tank Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

As JOL reported earlier today, a US Navy assault ship will arrive in Israel in two weeks for a joint US-Israeli military drill aimed at strengthening the cooperation between IDF special units and the US Marine Corps. The USS Iwo Jima will be carrying 30 helicopters and fighter jets and about 2,500 Marine troops. The two militaries are expected to simulate landing forces beyond enemy lines using the helicopters and hovercrafts on board the ship.