Benjamin Netanyahu’s support in this years election came mostly form Israel’s youth.

The Israeli Institute of Democracy conducted a demographic study based on age one week before the elections. Netanyahu’s Likud Party had the highest support in the 18 to 24 age group with 65% supporting him. In the 25-34 age group 53% of respondents supported him, while half of the people over age 34 preferred to see a centrist or left wing candidate win the election.

Researches are trying to explain this phenomenon by determining that those people who were born in the 1990’s experienced a bloody Intifada and a disengagement from Gaza. The disengagement from Gaza did not bring peace, just the opposite; it brought more death and suffering to the Israeli populace. Experiences such as these at a young age have caused them to believe that peace can only be achieved by force; something only the right-wing  parties can achieve.

These are mere connections, but according to the study it is clear that their is a chasm between how the youth and their parents view how their country should be handled.