The city in which the majority voted against Erdogan was infuriated by the narrow referendum results. Hundreds marched in the streets and blocked traffic while others banged on pots and pans from their windows in a display of protest.

Watch: Protests in the streets of Istanbul

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Following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s referendum victory yesterday (Sunday), which grants him particularly expanded powers and will enable him to remain in office until 2029, many Turks are taking to the streets in protest. Istanbul was flooded with demonstrators opposed to Erdogan becoming an all-powerful leader, as he now controls the Turkish parliament, government, courts and military after his slim 51.3% victory.

The protesters mainly marched in the streets of Istanbul’s wealthier neighborhoods and hundreds of them blocked traffic on main roads. Others banged on pots and pans from the windows of their homes: a practice that began during the protests against Erdogan in 2013. In Ankara, clashes were reported between Erdogan’s party supporters and the opposition.

Crowds protest with pots and pans in Istanbul

Crowds protest with pots and pans in Istanbul Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As reported earlier by JOL, the constitutional amendment supported by 25 million Turks is a historic vote. Since being elected president two years ago, Erdogan has been ruling the country in a manner that contrasts Turkish law. Therefore, he felt the need to receive the nation’s approval in order to amend the constitution and change the governmental system to an all-powerful presidency, however without the checks and balances that the US governmental system has.