The manhunt for the terrorist dressed up as Santa Claus who murdered 39 people in Istanbul during a New Year’s Eve celebration continues. A young Israeli woman was moderately injured in the terror attack. Another young Israeli woman is missing.

Footage of the terrorist

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Turkish security forces continue their search this morning (Sunday) for the terrorist who murdered 39 people in a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve. According to some eye-witnesses, several terrorists carried out the shooting attack. However, the Turkish authorities have not found any evidence indicating that there was more than one terrorist.

“The manhunt for the terrorist is underway,” said Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. “We hope to catch him soon.” Soylu added that at least 15 of those who were murdered in the terror attack were foreigners but that only 21 of the bodies have been identified so far. He also said that at least 69 people were injured in the terror attack. Four of them are in critical condition.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that a young Israeli woman was moderately injured in the terror attack. A search is underway in order to locate another young Israeli woman who is missing.

Istanbul after the shooting attack (left), footage of the terrorist (right)

Istanbul after the shooting attack (left), footage of the terrorist (right) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The two young Israeli women are friends who live in central Israel. They traveled to Istanbul together along with two additional friends. A friend of one of the families told Channel 2 Online that “they were having fun together in the same night club.” The friend added that one of the girls is in moderate condition while another suffered a panic attack. “The third was missing but got in contact with her family from a local police station,” continued the friend. “The fourth is still missing.”

“I wasn’t able to see who was shooting but I heard the gunshots and people fled,” wrote a Turkish soccer player who was at the scene on Twitter. “Police arrived quickly. My girlfriend was wearing high heels. I picked her up and carried her on my back.”

According to Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, the terrorist “used a long-range weapon in order to brutally and savagely attack” the people. According to reports, the terrorist, who was dressed up as Santa Claus, arrived at the Reina Club, shot a police officer, entered the club and started shooting.