A Eurofighter jet crashed during an air show off the coast of Italy Sunday, killing the pilot. Thousands witnessed the tragedy. The pilot’s body was recovered at sea shortly after the crash.

The crash

The crash Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

An Italian pilot was killed when his Eurofighter jet crashed into the sea while thousands watched on Sunday. The incident occurred off the coast of Terracina during an air show.  

According to the Italian Air Force, the pilot completed a loop but did not get enough lift and thus headed straight for the sea. The body of the pilot, who was identified as Capt. Gabriele Orlandi, was recovered shortly after the crash.

Watch: Footage of the incident

Footage of the crash surfaced on social media shortly after the incident. The videos show smoke and water rising from the sea upon impact.

Italy’s air force is currently investigating the tragedy. The remainder of the Terracina Air Show has been canceled.