At least 30 people were killed during an avalanche that occurred in Italy’s Abruzzo region that most likely resulted from an earthquake. Two people who were rescued called for help via text message, however, it took search and rescue workers quite a long time to reach them as a result of the weather conditions.

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At least 30 people were killed after a hotel was hit by an avalanche, which most likely resulted from an earthquake that occurred on Wednesday in Italy’s Abruzzo region.

The Italian media reported that Hotel Rigopiano was buried under massive amounts of snow and that dozens of people, including children, were trapped inside. The search and rescue forces that set out to the scene were held up due to difficult weather conditions and the local mayor confirmed that communication with the trapped victims had been lost.

The search and rescue vehicles were unable to reach the scene and were forced to stop several kilometers away from the tragedy. The rescue team was able to reach the scene using snow skis. Upon arrival, the team said that the entire building had moved several meters. According to reports, two people were located in the hotel courtyard and were able to be rescued as they had exited the hotel just in time. However, the two suffered from hypothermia.

These two are the people who contacted the search and rescue teams via a text in which they wrote: “Help, help. We are dying of cold.”