A gunman shot six people in the Italian city of Macerata on Saturday, local authorities reported. The victims – five men and one women – were injured and hospitalized. Italian police arrested 28-year-old suspect Luca Traini, who appeared to have been previously affiliated with extreme-right parties in the country.


Illustration Photo Credit: Israel Airports Authority

An Italian gunman shot and wounded six African migrants on Saturday in a drive-by attack, according to local reports in Italy. The Italian authorities arrested the suspect, Luca Traini, 28, in the city of Macerata on Saturday.

The shootings appear to have been be racially motivated. In police photographs, the suspect can be seen with a neo-Nazi tattoo on his forehead. Traini had no previous record. According to various reports, he had been affiliated with extremist parties in Italy and had run for town council on the anti-migrant Northern League’s list in a local election last year.

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said the gunman had been motivated by “racial hatred.” The victims were five men and one women and appeared to be targeted at random. Footage of the scene published by the il Resto di Carlino news outlet showed the suspect wearing an Italian flag draped on his shoulders as he was being arrested by police officers