After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last night, where he identified Palestinian incitement as one of the two main obstacles to peace, JerusalemOnline interviewed Itamar Marcus, head of Palestinian Media Watch, who described the extent to which young Palestinians are being indoctrinated to hate Israelis. Palestinian Jordanian dissident Mudar Zahran claims that Trump has already taken moves to clamp down on PA incitement.

Photo Credit: Palestinian Media Watch

In Israeli-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last night, he identified Palestinian incitement as one of the two main reasons why there is no peace today.   In order to evaluate the extent of incitement in the Palestinian Authority, JerusalemOnline interviewed Itamar Marcus, the head of Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that monitors the Palestinian media, social media, schools, mosques and public figures for incitement to hatred, terrorism and violence. According to Marcus, the word incitement is inadequate to describe the level of indoctrination that is presently going on in the Palestinian Authority.

“The Palestinian Authority is indoctrinating its children to see Israel as illegitimate in its creation, to see the liberation of both sides of ‘Palestine’ as something inevitable and that includes all of Israel,” Marcus told JerusalemOnline.  “Numerous times on children’s programs, we have heard the moderators talk about Jaffa, Haifa, and Acre as all being occupied Palestinian cities that will return to be part of the State of Palestine eventually. In addition, Palestinian children are brought up to see the fundamental problems not as a function of land but as a function of the evil nature of Jews.  On children’s programs, children have recited poems defining Jews as descendants of monkeys and pigs, Satan with a tail, people who rape women in the city square, etc. They are taught to fear Jews and to see Jews as responsible for all evil in the world.   In addition, children are therefore taught that fighting, attacking and killing Jews is something that is heroic and is expected of them.”

“This is done in very subtle ways,” he noted.  “For example, last year, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education had a football tournament for young boys named after Ahmed Manasrah, the 13-year-old child terrorist who stabbed the 13-year-old Israeli in his neck and almost murdered him. The message to Palestinian children is that killing or attacking Israeli children is enough to turn a Palestinian into a hero.  There have been hundreds of sporting events that Palestinian Media Watch has documented that are named after terrorists. The PA Ministry of Education have named over 25 schools after terrorists. For example, there are 3 schools named after Dalal Mughrabi, who hijacked a bus in 1978 that led to the slaughter of 37 Israelis including 12 children. It was the most lethal attack in Israel’s history. Children in these schools have been interviewed on television and have described how they see Mughrabi as a role model.”

Marcus stressed that this won’t be changed until the Palestinian Authority has different goals for its people. According to him, the Palestinian Authority presently is intent upon raising another generation of terrorists rather than making peace with the State of Israel. Marcus believes that this situation won’t change until the international community starts to threaten the Palestinian Authority with a loss of financial aid and political isolation for their actions: “The Trump administration has to give the PA leadership one simple message: if you act like a terrorist and raise your children to be terrorists, you will be treated as terrorists. This has to be expressed in a simple and straight forward manner.   This will lead to a total loss of financial aid from the US, the closing of PLO offices in the US and the denial of visas to PLO and Fatah officials. Then, the US has to take all of the PMW documentation and to bring it to the UN and EU and to demand that they treat the PA in the same manner. Right now, the PA has learned that they can incite, promote and pay for terror and they will continue to have international standing. This is both morally wrong and politically destructive.”

However, another JerusalemOnline source has already claimed that Trump is taking moves to clamp down on Palestinian incitement.  Mudar Zahan, the head of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, who has active members in the West Bank, stated: “Incitement has become an industry for both the PA and the Hashemite regime in Jordan.  Both regimes thrive on violence. The more there is killing, intifadas, terror attacks by our people, the more Abbas and the king of Jordan look relevant and necessary in Israel’s eyes. I have confirmed information that the US has warned both Abbas and the King that there will be consequences.  This has materialized following the recent meeting between the CIA chief and Abbas. Our sources confirm that the same message has been conveyed to Jordan’s government. We know that both governments are planning a new intifada. Let’s see if they understand that with Trump, the game has changed and they can pay dearly for the lack of stability.”