Tamar Fogel and her two surviving siblings Roeei and Yishai filed a lawsuit for 400 million shekels against the Palestinian Authority and the terrorists who murdered her family in the Itamar massacre in 2011, when she was only 12-years-old. 19 other relatives from both sides of the family also joined the suit, demanding that the PA ends all financial aid to the murderers.

Tamar and Yishai Fogel with PM Netanyahu

Tamar and Yishai Fogel with PM Netanyahu Photo Credit: Moshe Milner/GPO/Flash90

Tamar Fogel was only 12-years-old in 2011 when two terrorists entered her family home in the Itamar settlement and murdered her parents and three of her younger siblings while they slept. Now, the 18-year-old survivor is suing the terrorists responsible for the tragedy, as well as the Palestinian Authority and several other Palestinian organizations, for 400 million shekels.

Joining Fogel’s lawsuit are her two surviving siblings, Roeei and Yishai, as well as 19 other relatives from both sides of the family. In the lawsuit, which was filed one month before the onset of the stature of limitations, the Fogel family demands that the Palestinian Authority cease transferring any financial aid to the terrorists.

“Until this day, the terrorists received inflated salaries from the Palestinian Authority,” the family explained in the case statement.  “This is contrary to any reason or logic. By filing this lawsuit, we wish to send a message to any person who has a human heart.”

Both terrorists, Hakim Awad and his cousin Amjad Awad who were 18 and 19 at the time, were sentenced to 130 years’ imprisonment. At the time of the sentence, the terrorists declared that they did not regret carrying out the terror attack.