She is only 37-years-old, but soon she will be New Zealand’s next prime minister. Jacinda Ardern, who said that she does not like immigrants and who apparently does not drink coffee, is the young leader about to step into the global political arena.

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Labour Party nominee Jacinda Ardern has been elected as New Zealand’s next prime minister, it was declared today (Thursday) in the country’s capital city of Wellington just 26 days after election day was held. Her victory was made possible after right-wing party New Zealand First endorsed the 37-year-old politician. Ardern will be the third woman to lead the country.

“This is an exciting day,” Ardern said after the election results were announced. “We aspire to be a government for all New Zealanders and one that will seize the opportunity to build a fairer, better New Zealand. We will work hard to ensure New Zealand is once again a world leader, a country we can all be proud of. We said we could do this, we will do this.”

Ardern created a wave of admiration and won

Ardern created a wave of admiration and won Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern is married to a television presenter and together, they raise a cat. She was born and raised a Mormon and considers herself today to be agnostic after her church condemned the LGBT community. The media in New Zealand emphasized this morning that the incoming prime minister does not drink coffee.