A Palestinian who tried to hurl a pipe bomb at an Israel Border Police force in the Jenin Refugee Camp was shot by one of the soldiers. Palestinian media reported that he later died of his injuries.

The force left the premise unharmed. Archives

The force left the premise unharmed. Archives Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit / Channel 2 News

 Palestinian media reported that a young man was killed by the IDF this morning (Wednesday) in the Jenin Refugee Camp during an operation by Israel Border Police special forces. While exiting the premise, the soldiers identified a Palestinian suspect holding a pipe bomb and trying to hurl it towards them.

An initial investigation found that the Palestinian managed to reach as close as 20 meters from the forces before throwing the bomb. One of the soldiers who noticed the attempted terror attack opened fire and wounded the Palestinian.

The investigation also found that apparently the Palestinian dropped the pipe bomb and it exploded in his vicinity. Border Police forces managed to flee the scene with no injuries.

According to Palestinian media, the young Palestinian was evacuated by the Red Cross and his death was determined a short while later.