The Jerusalem Municipality received phone calls from many worried residents who witnessed a shocking sight in the middle of the street. A horse was lying on the sidewalk with its legs tied together onto a pole. The horse was most likely abused, which led to its death.

The horse’s body was found lying on the street

The horse’s body was found lying on the street Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Pedestrians on a Jerusalem street thought that they were imagining what they saw and only realized the horror when they came closer: A dead horse stretched out along the sidewalk with its back legs tied to an iron pole. It seemed as if the horse had suffered much abuse. The Israel Police has opened an investigation.

The Jerusalem Municipality was contacted regarding the horrific matter and said that it would remove the carcass, except it was delayed by 24 hours. The municipality claims that it did not receive any report regarding abuse. At 12:00 pm yesterday afternoon, the municipality received a phone call regarding a horse carcass in the middle of a street and as a result, a staff was sent to remove it. However, a crane was necessary so the removal was postponed until this morning.

“The moment the Israel Police received the report, an investigation was opened and the Police dispatched the veterinary service to the scene,” the Jerusalem Police stated in response. “An investigation regarding the incident is underway.”