A day after the shooting attack in Jerusalem, residents in the area can sense the increased police presence throughout the city and especially at the three locations where the terror attack occurred.

Footage from yesterday’s terror attack 

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A day after the deadly terror attack in Jerusalem, Israelis near the scenes where the shooting attack took place said that they are remaining vigilant. Shortly after the attack, the Jerusalem District Police increased the presence of its forces throughout the city. Some of the residents who are trying to return to their daily routines a day before the eve of Yom Kippur claim that yesterday somewhat altered their sense of security.

Channel 2 News visited the three scenes where the terror attack occurred yesterday. At the first scene, which is near the Israel Police National Headquarters and the Ammunition Hill Jerusalem Light Rail station, there is barely any reminder of the deadly terror attack. However, the presence of Broder Police forces at the site is hard to miss. “Someone who doesn’t pass by here every day will not feel a difference but I feel that there is something different in the air,” said Yehuda Klien, a Jerusalem resident. “Usually, there are more people who are just walking or standing at the bus stations.”

The Ammunition Hill Jerusalem Light Rail station, today

The Ammunition Hill Jerusalem Light Rail station, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

However, another Jerusalem resident said that nothing has changed. “We are used to all these situations,” she said. “We’ve never experienced terror attacks? Every Jerusalem resident has either been in or knows someone who has been in a terror attack. We will not change anything in our lives.”

The second scene of the terror attack was the Clermont-Ganneau Street intersection, where the terrorist shot a vehicle and injured several passengers. “No one really mentioned it but not only are police officers seen a lot in this area, there are also many government and public officials who work here in the complex of government buildings [nearby],” said another Jerusalem resident who was at the scene this morning.

The East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah was the last scene of the terror attack, which ended with police shooting and eliminating the terrorist. Abed, who was leaving the French hospital in Sheikh Jarrah, claims that the local police department is using the terror attack in order to make the lives of East Jerusalem residents harder. “People are afraid to move because they might be shot,” he said.