Dozens of Palestinians from East Jerusalem have been accused of participating in the violent disturbances within Israel’s capital city during the Temple Mount crisis. The Israel Police stated that it arrested 72 people and that an investigation is still under way.

Disturbances in East Jerusalem

Disturbances in East Jerusalem Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli State Attorney’s Office filed indictments against 43 rioters, who were arrested by the Israel Police during the Temple Mount clashes. The Israel Police stated that during the riots in East Jerusalem, 72 people were arrested and those who were not charged are still being investigated.

The Israel Police arrested the suspects over the past week during two targeted arrests conducted by dozens of policemen. The arrests were carried out in response to the violent riots aimed at Israel Police forces that simultaneously occurred in multiple locations throughout East Jerusalem during the Temple Mount crisis.

According to the Israel Police, the rioters wore masks to cover their faces and acted violently while shooting fireworks, throwing stones, glass bottles and Molotov cocktails. During the riots, public property was damaged, roads were blocked and policemen were injured.