The terrorist who stabbed Asher Elmaliach in Jerusalem earlier this month was indicted on Thursday. The prosecution charged him with attempted murder and entering Israeli illegally.

Footage of the stabbing attack

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An indictment was filed on Thursday against the terrorist who stabbed security guard Asher Elmaliach at the entrance to Jerusalem’s central bus station earlier this week. The terrorist, 24-year-old Abu al-Qar’a, was charged with attempted murder and entering Israel illegally.

The prosecution stated in the indictment that the terrorist’s motivation for the attack was US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “The defendant decided to murder as many Jews in Jerusalem, to be killed in the act and become a ‘martyr’ in order to, in his view, protect Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The terrorist and the scene of the attack

The terrorist and the scene of the attack Photo Credit: Facebook/Cheli Maman/TPS

The night before the attack, al-Qar’a wrote on Facebook about his intentions to enter Jerusalem and carry out an attack. “For Allah we rise. We want to wave the flag. We wish that our religion will be great again and that Al-Aqsa will once again be glorious,” he wrote. “May they spill our blood- its value is low when it’s spilled for our land, for Jerusalem and for Al-Aqsa.”

Hours before the attack, al-Qar’a bought the 11-inch knife that he used to carry out the attack. The indictment states that al-Qar’a reached the bus station by taxi.