New information from the Jerusalem Light Rail terror attack has been discovered: the terrorist suspected for murdering the British exchange student told investigators that he attacked her because he wanted the soldier standing nearby to kill him. The terrorist bought the knife moments beforehand at the market. Terror attack victim Hannah Bladon gave up her spot on the train for a woman holding a baby moments before being stabbed.

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New details from the investigation of the terrorist suspected for murdering 21-year-old British exchange student Hannah Bladon yesterday (Friday) on the Jerusalem Light Rail have led investigators to believe that this was an attempted suicide terror attack. 57-year-old terrorist Jamil Tamimi from the East Jerusalem neighborhood Ras al-Amud told investigators: “I attacked her so that the soldier would shoot me.”

Recently, Tamimi has been voluntarily treated at a mental health hostel in Northern Israel. Yesterday morning, he informed the institution’s managers of his decision to leave the hostel. One of the managers phoned Tamimi’s children, but they had cut off contact with their father after he sexually assaulted one of the family members and therefore, the son told the manager that they have no interest being involved with him.

The stabbing attack on the Light Rail

The stabbing attack on the Light Rail Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday morning, Tamimi arrived in Jerusalem’s Old City and called one of his children, who told him that the family members do not want to see him. Tamimi told investigators that at that point, he understood that he had nothing to lose. He bought a knife in the Old City market, went onto the Light Rail at the Damascus Gate station and immediately noticed an IDF soldier in uniform and holding a rifle. According to Tamimi, that was the moment in which he decided to attack Hannah Bladon near the train car’s door.