After police arrested three of the terrorist’s nephews, the IDF began to map out Mosabach Abu Sabich’s home for demolition. During the operation, an IDF soldier was slightly injured after a pipe bomb was thrown at the forces.

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Overnight (between Sunday and Monday), IDF forces mapped out for demolition the home of Mosabach Abu Sabich, the terrorist who murdered two Israelis and injured several more yesterday in Jerusalem. The IDF stated that during the operation, a pipe bomb was thrown at the forces, slightly injuring a soldier in his face.

The soldier was evacuated to a local hospital for medical treatment. Earlier last night, IDF forces searched the terrorist’s home and seized computers and cellphones. In addition, IDF forces along with the Shin Bet, Israel Police and Border Police seized weapons in the Palestinian town of Azzun.

During the operation, the forces shut down a weapons manufacturing workshop. In addition, forces also patrolled the streets of the Palestinian town of Surif. The security forces also seized signs that were put up near the terrorist’s home and arrested several Palestinians.

Yesterday, JOL reported that three of Abu Sabich’s nephews were brought in for questioning. The Jerusalem District Police believes that they had prior knowledge of their uncle’s intention to carry out the terror attack and it is possible that they aided him.