The radical ultra-Orthodox demonstrations in the streets of Jerusalem led to a clash between protesters and a passerby. A woman claimed that she was attacked while she was on her way to the Light Rail. “I tried to turn back home, one of them came to really hit me,” she said.

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“They poured water on me, one them came to really hit me and pointed fists at me,” said 19-year-old Jerusalem resident Shira Sigron with tears in her eyes as she described what occurred during the ultra-Orthodox protests in Jerusalem today (Thursday). As members of the radical Jerusalem faction blocked off the city’s Light Rail tracks at the Jaffa-Sheri Yisrael Junction, Shira asserts that she was attacked after requesting that the protesters move so that the train she was riding could continue on its way.

“I tried to pass by and I saw that the train was standing still,” Shira recounted. “I wanted to see what was happening on the train tracks and I noticed some ultra-Orthodox sitting in a circle, some singing and some shouting.”

Shira Sigron at the ultra-Orthodox protests

Shira Sigron at the ultra-Orthodox protests Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

At that point, Shira turned to the protesters and asked if they would move: “I politely asked to clear the train tracks so that it could pass by and I can go home. They yelled at me and said, ‘Go away from here, shiksa! There’s a protest here and we’re handicapped.’ They weren’t handicapped.”

In Yiddish, shiksa is a derogatory term referring to a non-Jewish woman and in this incident, the term was used in order to insult Shira, who is in fact Jewish. According to Shira, she began crying and yelled in response: “This is the nation of Israel?”