As the attempts to defend Poland’s Holocaust Law spark even more controversy, a Jewish American foundation is urging Washington to suspend its ties with Warsaw over the matter. In a video message produced by the foundation, Jewish Americans call on the public to sign a petition and show Poland that “Jews will never again be silenced.”

Watch: Jewish Americans urge Washington to suspend ties with Warsaw (Video Credit: The Ruderman Family Foundation)

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The Ruderman Family Foundation has launched a campaign urging Washington to suspend its ties with Poland until the controversial Holocaust Law is repealed. The American Jewish foundation is calling on the public to visit the website and sign a petition demanding the suspension of relations.

The foundation even produced a video showing American men, women and children saying one of the terms outlawed by the legislation that Poland passed earlier this month and condemning the law.

“I’m going to go to jail for what I’m about to do,” a young man says as the video starts. “I’m going to be locked up,” a woman on a busy street tells the camera. The clip then goes to a young man holding a beverage in a bar who says, “I wonder if they got beer in a Polish jail.” A mother and her two children are then seen sitting on a sofa in a house. The mother says to the camera: “I’m going to miss them when I’m gone.”

“No Polish jail can scare me today,” an elderly man then says. All the participants in the video then say to the camera: “Polish Holocaust.”

“No Polish jail can scare me today”

“No Polish jail can scare me today” Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

“After 3.5 million Jews were murdered in Poland, including hundreds of thousands of kids, the Polish have approved a new law,” they added. “So, listen Polish people, what happened during the Holocaust, was enough. Repeal this disgraceful law now. Jews will never again be silenced. The USA should suspend all ties with Poland before it’s too late. And we will never agree to deny the Holocaust.”

The law, which has been criticized by the US State Department, Israel and various Jewish organizations, outlaws suggestions of Polish complicity in the Holocaust. Earlier this week, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki tried to defend the law but sparked more controversy with his remarks. While in Munich, he answered an Israeli reporter’s question by saying that it will not be a crime in Poland to acknowledge that there “were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators.”