On Sunday, French authorities arrested four suspects in an anti-Semitic assault case in which a Jewish 14-year-old was assaulted by 15 youths upon leaving temple. The arrested suspects are around the same age as the victim.

Man wearing a kippa (Illustration)

Man wearing a kippa (Illustration) Photo Credit: Boles Shikmim/Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday, a Jewish 14-year-old was attacked by 15 youths near Paris, France, after leaving temple. The attackers broke the victim’s glasses and stole his kippah while yelling anti-Semitic remarks, including “dirty Jew.” French police have arrested four suspects, who are around the same age as the victim.

The attack took place on the Jewish holiday of Purim. After the attack, Rene Taieb, the president of the Jewish communities of the Val-d’Oise region, met with Frederic Potier, who manages the French government’s Inter-Ministerial Delegation for the Fight Against Racism, anti-Semitism and LGBT Hate, to discuss a government plan to combat such attacks. The plan is to be revealed this month.

The Jewish community in France has long suffered from anti-Semitic attacks. In January, a Jewish boy was attacked and President Emmanuel Macron stated, “The French Republic is standing by the Jews and will fight alongside them.”