In Melbourne, Australia, “a 12-year-old Jewish student was forced to kneel down and kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate, while a five-year-old boy was allegedly called a ‘Jewish cockroach’ and repeatedly hounded in the school toilets by his young classmates,” reports The Age, a newspaper published in the Australian city.

The incident of the student forced to kneel and kiss the Muslim classmate’s shoes has appeared on social media. It was said to have taken place in July.

Because the incident happened in a public park and not on school grounds, the school and education officials have denied having responsibility for the incident and no disciplinary action has been taken, said the mother of the victim, according to The Age.

According to the report, the mother added that she contacted the parents of the Muslim student and they were horrified by their son’s actions.

One of the boys who watched the incident take place was later “suspended for five days for assaulting the Jewish student in the school locker room,” The Age reported.

The Jewish boy’s mother said her son “was punched in the face and left with a bruised back and had skin gouged out of his shoulder,” said the newspaper.

In the case of the five-year-old boy who suffered verbal abuse in the school toilets, his mother says he was “repeatedly taunted and laughed at” due to his circumcision, according to the daily.

No date was given as to when the abuse occurred.

The mother charged that the school made “an error of judgment” in treating the incident as general bullying and not anti-Semitism, according to the report.