Matt Lesser, a Democrat state Senate candidate in Connecticut, has reportedly become the target of a smear campaign launched by his Republican rival, Ed Charamut, which allegedly invoked anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The leaflet features a manipulated image of Lesser, grinning and clutching a bunch of hundred-dollar bills in his hands, “under text saying that he opposes lowering some taxes,” according to Haaretz.

As Lesser himself explained to the Hartford Courant, a local newspaper, he became aware of this development on Monday when people told him they received “an anti-Semitic flier.”

“I did not believe them, I thought there was a mistake,” Lesser said. “Someone showed it to me and I think it would be a gross understatement to say I was surprised.”

At the same time, Charamut has rejected claims that the flier featured anti-Semitic imagery.

“I reject hate speech in all its forms. The mailer draws a stark contrast between myself and Matt Lesser. Do you want to protect your wallets, or do you want to make Matt Lesser your new state senator?” Charamut stated.