A Jewish teenage girl was attacked on a Saturday in a park within the UK, but despite the fact that passersby called the police, the law enforcement officials never arrived to help her. The victim’s father revealed the details on Facebook stating that he is very proud of his daughter.

Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

A 16-year-old Jewish teenage girl was beaten during an anti-Semitic attack in London and was left alone in a park for two hours as the local police did not respond to the calls of distress. According to a Facebook post written by the girl’s father, 16-year-old Hannah Goldberg was sitting in a park with two of her Jewish friends on a Saturday, when five young men playing basketball left the court and surrounded the girls.

The boys began cursing at the girls, who were wearing long skirts, which the father claimed made the girls identifiably Jewish, and told them “Hitler should have killed all you Jews when he had the chance. You should have all been gassed.” According to Hannah’s father, she did not hesitate to respond to the boys, some of whom were from ethnic minorities, that Hitler would have killed them, as well. One of the boys answered: “Jews are the worst.”

Hannah asked her friends to leave the area, but when they stood up to leave, one of the boys threw a basketball in her face making her nose bleed. When she asked him why he did that, he responded with a kick to her chest, after which he began punching her. Hannah’s friends quickly asked passersby to call the police and waited by her side, but after waiting for several hours and while the attackers were still nearby, the girls gave up and left the scene.

When Hannah’s father called the police, he discovered that no police probe had been opened regarding the fact that no officers had been sent to the scene. Only after an additional intervention did the police begin investigating the matter. “I’m proud of my daughter,” Goldberg wrote. “Proud of her for standing up to sexism, racism and religious abuse.”