Jewish organization B’nei Brith responded to US President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech in a statement released on their website praising him for his stance on Jerusalem and Iran, while encouraging further reform on immigration and taxes.

Trump and Netanyahu in Israel

Trump and Netanyahu in Israel Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TPS

In response to US President Donald Trump’s State of the Union, B’nei Brith organization’s CEO Daniel S. Mariaschin and President Gary P. Saltzman released a joint statement thanking the president for his pro-Israel actions recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.

Mariaschin and Saltzman also urged the President to work with Congress on a number of issues that B’nei Brith views to be of the highest priority. They wrote that they had hoped that Trump would stress the strengthening of programs that would benefit the elderly in America, such as the new tax law. The eradication of the Affordable Care Act will result in older Americans paying a much higher health care premium.

The two also wrote of their disappointment in Trump’s speech regarding “infrastructure building” and that it did not address “affordable housing for seniors.” They expressed that “Any infrastructure plans should include helping seniors of low-income live independently, safely and securely.”

The statement also addressed Trump’s stance on immigration. Mariaschin and Saltzman reiterated B’nei Brith’s position on immigration that they “Call for both parties to agree on a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. Enforcement must be coupled with a path to normalization that is more efficient than our current procedures.” In support of a Dreamer Act, B’nei Brith stands firm that “comprehensive immigration reform should be bipartisan and expeditious.”

B’nei Brith intends to use Trump’s speech as a “blueprint” for moving forward to work with Congress to address these high priority issues.