A controversial video in which participants repeatedly used the term “Polish Holocaust” has been removed from YouTube. The Ruderman Family Foundation produced the video as part of a campaign that calls on the US to cut its ties with Poland.

“Polish Holocaust” Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

The Ruderman Family Foundation has decided to take down a video urging the United States to suspend its ties with Poland due to criticism from the Polish Jewish community. The video was part of a campaign that was launched yesterday.

Director of the Jewish Community Center in Krakow Jonathan Ornstein contacted the foundation’s founder and president, Jay Ruderman, and expressed his community’s position and requested that he remove the video from the campaign’s website and YouTube. “The term ‘Polish Holocaust’ is not accepted by any reasonable person whether Jewish, Polish, Israeli or German,” Ornstein told the AP. “Emotions are running high and harmful, inaccurate comments from various sides have been published, but this is indefensible.”

“After a hugely successful campaign that went viral internationally and among American Jews and Israelis who have signed the petition – the Foundation was contacted by the Polish Jewish community and because of their concerns for their safety, we decided to halt the campaign,” the Ruderman Family Foundation said in a statement yesterday.

The controversial video features several Americans of all ages saying that they will continue to speak about the Polish role in the Holocaust and explicitly use the term “Polish Holocaust.” In addition, they called on the US to suspend its ties with Poland and urged the public to sign a petition regarding the matter.

Shortly after the clip when viral, Polish officials condemned the video. An advisor to the Polish prime minister said that the video is an insult to the thousands of Poles who risked their lives to help Jewish people during the Second World War. The Polish media also slammed the video, calling it “offensive and scandalous.”