How many couples got married recently in Israel, how old were the bride and groom when they tied the knot and where should single people go to find their other half – here are all the statistics in honor of Tu B’av, the Jewish holiday of love.

Photo Credit: Phongphon Sutantayawalee, 123R/Channel 2 News

Tonight is the eve of Tu B’av, the Jewish day of love. In honor of this occasion, here are a few love statistics from Israel.

In 2016, 53,579 couples chose to get married in Israel with the approved religious institutions and an additional 9,300 couples chose or were obligated to marry outside of the country.

The average age of a groom on his wedding day stands at 27 and a half, while the average Israeli bride gets married at 25.

However, not everyone chooses the traditional marriage route as the number of Israeli singles aged 25-29 has growing exponentially in recent decades.

The Israeli city where you can find most of these singles is surprisingly Even Yehuda, only then followed by Tel Aviv and Kiryat Tiv’on, a town near Haifa.

However, if you’re looking for a spouse, avoid searching in ultra-Orthodox cities such as Modi’in Illit and Elad, where the number of young unmarried people is especially low.