A soldier who went on vacation for Shabbat was attacked in Mea She’arim, a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem, by Jewish-Orthodox residents who object to observant Jews serving in the military. The soldier was evacuated by police forces while the residents blocked an ambulance from arriving at the scene.

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A uniformed Jewish-Orthodox soldier was attacked today (Friday) in Mea She’arim by Jewish-Orthodox residents of the neighborhood. The police force that arrived at the scene found the soldier hiding in a store and evacuated him. The soldier was not injured.

Initial investigations revealed that the soldier was on vacation for Shabbat and went to a store with a family member. Jewish-Orthodox residents of the area noticed him and began attacking him. They threw rocks at him and gathered outside the store in which he was hiding.

An ambulance that arrived at the scene was unable to reach the area as the residents blocked its passage. It is not known yet if anyone was arrested. However, in previous cases, those who attacked soldiers were arrested.