World ORT and the Vatican’s Scholas Occurrentes will hold a joint event in Argentina where youth from various countries will participate in “an open, meaningful and multicultural dialogue.”

From right: Werthein, Pope Francis, Ganon, Werthein's wife

From right: Werthein, Pope Francis, Ganon, Werthein’s wife Photo credit: Bernardo San Torcuato

The international Jewish education organization World ORT has signed an agreement with the Vatican’s international law foundation, Scholas Occurrentes, to launch a joint event aimed at youth from around the world. Pope Francis was present at the signing ceremony in Vatican City last Thursday.

The event, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 2018, will enable “young people from all over the world, with different religions and socio-economic backgrounds, to participate in an open, meaningful and multicultural dialogue,” according to a press release.

Darío Werthein, Chairman of the Board of World ORT, said, “ORT and Scholas share a common goal that is to make the world a better place through education. This collaboration will allow us to reach more places and for each and every one of the children to develop their potential, no matter where they come from.”

Avi Ganon, the CEO of World ORT, said, “We see in this cooperation an important tool to promote tolerance worldwide. As the center of the spiritual world, the state of Israel can become a fruitful meeting place for different religions, and the World ORT schools can portray an example for establishing an equal and respectful dialogue between different peoples.”