Yaakov (Jack) Teitel, who has confessed to multiple terrorist acts against Palestinians, gays, left-wingers and others, is now requesting to be released for the upcoming bris of his newborn son.

Photo credit: Pixabay

US-born Israeli settler Yaakov Teitel, who is serving a life prison sentence for killing two Palestinians and for other acts of terror, has requested to be released this coming Saturday to participate in his the bris ceremony of his newborn son.

Teitel’s lawyer wrote to the Israel Prison Service that the circumstances are “very unique” and that his client is willing comply with any restriction placed on him.

“Thousands of other terrorists have been released to their homes in recent years and I’m only asking to be present in my son’s bris,” Teitel has reportedly told his lawyer in a private conversation. “After that, I’ll go back to jail. I expect to be granted that minimal request.”

Teitel has confessed to planning and committing multiple acts of terror against Palestinians, homosexuals, left-wingers, Christians and police officers.