The Israel Police reported that the suspect who was arrested for making most of the recent JCC bomb threats used a homemade Wi-Fi antenna and his computer.

The suspect and threats to JCC's

The suspect and threats to JCC’s Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The detention of the young man from Ashkelon who is suspected of threatening numerous institutions- including Jewish Community Centers in the US and embassies- was extended today (Thursday) by seven days. Pursuant to court order, his name is under seal. The court also ordered that the 19-year-old be placed under 24-hour supervision. During the hearing to extend his detention, the suspect’s attorney raised the issue of a medical condition that he suffers from, which apparently led the suspect to make the threats attributed to him. She also indicated that the condition may also have an impact on her client’s mental health.

“The young man in question has no criminal record and has suffered from a young age from significant health issues,” said the suspect’s attorney Galit Bash. “There are concerns that his medical condition affects his cognitive functioning. In light of this, we asked that the court orders the young man to undergo a medical examination. The court accepted our argument and ordered the police to examine the young man’s medical condition. “

Security reinforcement at JCCs following threats

Security reinforcement at JCCs following threats Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The young man’s father was also questioned today by the police. Attorney Eran Rao, who represents the father on behalf of the Public Defense Office, said: “The suspect’s father has no criminal record, has been cooperating with the investigators and denies the accusations. He is in a difficult situation and his only concern is for his son’s well-being in light of his complex medical condition.” His detention was extended by eight days and his name is also under seal pursuant to the gag order.

The suspect suffers from a medical condition that was detected at the age of 14. For various reasons, he had not attended school since the first grade and was privately homeschooled. It was during his homeschooling that the suspect acquired his exceptional technological capabilities.

The Israel Police reported that the suspect contacted the various Jewish institutions using very sophisticated technology including a Wi-Fi antenna that he built himself, which extended the range of the telephone calls that he made from a device connected to his computer.