As the #MeToo campaign continues to expose sexual harassment in Hollywood, a police report against actor John Travolta in which a young masseur accused the star of groping him in 2000 has resurfaced.


Travolta Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As more and more testimonials by sexual harassment victims shake the entertainment industry, a police report from 2000 concerning John Travolta has resurfaced. According to reports in US and UK media outlets, a 21-year-old hotel masseur filed a complaint against John Travolta, accusing the actor of exposing himself during a massage in a California hotel.

The masseur claimed that 63-year-old Travolta made lewd and suggestive remarks at him while receiving a massage. The masseur described his own repeated attempts to cover the actor with a towel after the latter exposed himself.

After the massage, Travolta allegedly invited the masseur to join him in a sauna. While they were there, the actor groped the complainant, who then got up and left the sauna after he told Travolta he felt uncomfortable. Travolta reportedly followed him and continued making sexual advances as the man was leaving.

This is not a first for the actor, who was accused of sexually harassing another masseur in 2012. Travolta has denied all the allegations against him.