The training comes after an attack on Saudi soldiers in Yemen, and is expected to last for 5 days, encompassing land, naval, and aircraft operations.

Saudi special forces participate in a military parade, 2009.

Saudi special forces participate in a military parade, 2009. Photo Credit: Flickr/Omar Chatriwala

Saudi Arabia declared today that a number of military units arrived in Izmir for joint military exercises with Turkish forces, scheduled to last for 5 days. Saudi news agencies carried a statement from the Saudi Embassy in Ankara that indicated Saudi Arabia’s land, air, and naval involvement in the training. The Embassy also stated that the training aimed at sharing the military knowledge and tactics between both nations, enabling them both to be better equipped for conflict.

This training comes after the death of 6 Saudi soldiers on the Yemeni border, from an attack suspected from the rebel Houthi group. The exercises are also intended to better prepare Saudi soldiers for different terrains in combat, as well as increasing Saudi soldiers ability to work in tandem with allied forces. Saudi sources indicated that this may be a prelude to continued regional cooperation.