Not sure whether to laugh at cry at the hypocrisy Iran continues to show.

The Parliament Speakers of six Asian countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, China and Russia held their 2nd Combating Terrorism Conference this past Saturday.


It aims to weigh plans to combat terrorism, share the experiences of participants, adopt new and effective regional approaches, promote regional cooperation, and push for the establishment of broad-based and sustainable peace and development.

‘We agreed that countering terrorism should not just be limited to the physical elimination of terrorists and terrorist organizations and networks, but the root causes and the conditions conducive to terrorism should be fully taken into consideration in countering terrorism,’ the statement issued at the end of the conference said on Saturday.

High ranking terrorist backers Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and Intelligence Minister  Mahmoud Alavi among many others graced the conference with their presences.