Tensions grow between Israel and Jordan as the Jordanian King continues criticizing the Israeli prime minister and promises that Jordan will continue its “historical, political and legal role in preventing the Judaization of [Jerusalem’s] holy places.”

Tensions in diplomatic relations? Abdullah and Netanyahu

Tensions in diplomatic relations? Abdullah and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Gidon,GPO/Channel 2 News

Jordanian King Abdullah II continues to criticize Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserting in a statement published today (Saturday) that his country “will not forfeit its citizens’ rights.” Abdullah spoke in reference to last week’s incident in which an Israeli security guard shot and killed two Jordanian civilians in Amman at a meeting with the local media. Jordanians are calling for the Israeli to be tried. “We will do everything to get justice,” the king added.

The king emphasized that his country “continues its historic role of defending the holy sites of Islam and Christianity in Jerusalem,” referring to the Temple Mount crisis. “We will continue our historical, political and legal role in preventing the Judaization of the holy places, despite difficult challenges.”

The day after JOL reported that the Israeli security guard involved in the shooting incident in Jordan will be questioned about the event, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry officially announced this evening (Friday) that Israel is conducting an investigation into the shooting incident “in accordance with the legal proceedings acceptable in these cases.”

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry also stated that the Israeli State Prosecutor, in coordination with the Israeli Attorney General, instructed all parties to hand him all materials in their possession relevant to the incident. “As part of the relationship between Israel and Jordan, Israel will update Jordan regarding the developments and results of the procedure,” the ministry stated.

The Jordanian killed in the shooting incident

The Jordanian killed in the shooting incident Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The guard claimed the incident had been nationalistically-motivated, in contrast to Jordan’s claim that the argument started after the guard had complained that the furniture delivered by the Jordanian man had arrived late.

As reported yesterday by JOL, dozens of demonstrators stood in front of the Israeli Embassy in Amman today (Friday) condemning the Jordanian government’s decision to allow the security guard’s return to Israel. “Millions of martyrs march to Jerusalem,” the demonstrators shouted. “Resist, do not surrender.”

On Thursday, Abdullah called for Netanyahu to prosecute the Israeli security guard, claiming that Netanyahu’s conduct is “igniting a fire.”