According to several reports, at least 17 teachers and students were reportedly killed by flooding in the Dead Sea area on the Jordanian side. All the victims went for a walk in the area when the floods started suddenly.

At least 30 people were rescued from the floods although some of them were seriously injured. Part of the rescue aid came from the Israeli side.

According to a statement issued by the military spokesman, at the request of the Jordanian government, several Israeli air force helicopters along with soldiers from the elite search-and-rescue unit 669 were dispatched to Jordan to help. 

”Israeli troops are assisting in efforts to locate the missing and are doing everything possible, despite the difficult climate, to help children in the flooded area” the Israel military spokesman sais.

Israeli aid to Jordan comes after days of diplomatic tension with the neighboring country following the Jordanian government’s declarations that they would cancel the transfer of territories to Israel as part of the peace agreement signed 24 years ago.