Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has warned that Israel’s plans to expand its sovereignty on lands in the West Bank are considered an “unprecedented danger” to the peace process in the region and could potentially trigger a “long and violent” conflict.

“The issue of annexation is an unprecedented danger to the peace process,” Safadi told reporters following a meeting with the head of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, cited by The Times of Israel. “If annexation occurs, it will kill the two-state solution and destroy all the foundations on which the peace process was based. It will deprive the residents of the region of their right to live in peace and stability”.

Safadi said that Jordan, one of only two Arab states with a peace agreement with Israel – alongside Egypt – would continue to support the Palestinians and “protect the region from the consequences of a long and violent conflict if Israel annexes a third of the occupied West Bank”.

“The Palestinian issue remains our central concern, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was and shall remain committed to every possible effort and everything it can to support our Palestinian brothers,” Safadi stated, adding that Amman was “now concentrated on preventing annexation and creating the possibility of returning to serious and effective negotiations”.

Acccording to The Times of Israel Jordan may consider moves including the withdrawal of its ambassador from Israel, the lowering of diplomatic relations, a reevaluation of the peace agreement, and taking legal action against the Jewish state in international settings, in the event Israel continues its plan to encroach upon the West Bank.