The Kabballah is an ancient Jewish tradition dating back to the times of Moses that is considered an integral part of Torah learning. The Kabballah contains important lessons about the Evil Eye in Judaism and how we can protect ourselves against it.

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The Kabballah is an ancient Jewish tradition that teaches what the essence of G-d is and is considered to be an integral part of Torah learning. A true Kabballah mystic is one who seeks knowledge, wisdom and understanding regarding the deeper meanings of the Torah. The word Kabballah means “that which is received.” In other words, in order to be able to study Kabballah, one needs to be receptive to its wisdom and that usually does not come until the age of 40. That is why studying Kabballah is forbidden in Judaism before the age of 40.

The study of Kabballah is supposed to focus on learning about G-d, the relationship between G-d and his creations and to obtain the deeper and hidden truths about our world. Kabballah mystics study the secrets of life, creation, the soul and the heavenly sphere within the context of the Torah and mitzvoth of Judaism. Studying Kabballah is supposed to ignite the soul of a human being regarding an awareness of a deeper and higher reality. One cannot successfully do all of these things before the age of 40 because according to the Rambam, until that age, “one’s belly is not filled with the bread and meat, knowledge of what is permitted and forbidden.” Jews believe that the inner meanings of Kabballah can be misinterpreted prior to that age.

However, the rabbis have not forbidden Jews from studying the Kabballah at a superficial level before the age of 40. At the superficial level, one can learn from the Kabbalistic works about the belief regarding the Evil Eye in Judaism. According to these sources, if we flaunt our blessings and invoke the jealousy of others, we also invite a negative judgement from the Heavenly court. The Talmud teaches that one who does not covet what does not belong to him is less susceptible to it. Just as Joseph refused his master’s wife and did not covet what was not his, a Jew can become immune to the effects of the Evil Eye for all generations by behaving in such a manner.

According to the Chabad Movement, there is a Jewish tradition of wearing a red string in order to obtain additional protection against the Evil Eye. For example, a thread is wrapped seven times around Rachel’s Tomb and then cut into little cords. There are other types of jewelry that are also said to protect against the Evil Eye. For example, the Kabballah teaches that G-d has 72 names of which each are represented by 3 Hebrew letters. Each combination has a unique meaning. Aleph, Lamed and Dalet protect against the Evil Eye. The Star of David, Hamsa, fish and other motives are also said to banish the Evil Eye.

Other types of Kabbalistic jewelry provide people with other types of blessings. Wearing Psalms and prayers helps one to obtain strength, positivity and fertility. The Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayin contains a Kabbalistic prayer that was given to Joseph and it consists of an ancient fertility blessing.  All of these jewelries are supposed to release positive energy that create positive changes in peoples’ lives.

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